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Pastor Anthony R. Harris

     Pastor Anthony R. Harris is an emerging voice in the body of Christ.  He is a humble but passionate and powerful, preacher, teacher, intercessor, and mentor.  Pastor Harris has been in ministry for 12 years and has previously served as an Elder for six years in his local assembly. While in ministry, he has obtained a Masters of Divinity at Samuel DeWitt School of Theology at Virginia Union University in 2016.  


    Pastor Anthony is the owner of Kingdom Concepts. Alongside him,  longtime friend and wife, Krystal Harris, a business owner of Clear Media Productions and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  He is inspiring those in his community, marketplace, and abroad to be empowered, equipped in the word of God through prayer to pursue their purpose, impact their family and community and tear down the kingdom of darkness so that God may be Glorified.